Fees, terms and conditions

aka “the small print”

I do not have a set fee. Fees for lectures and garden tours are subject to negotiation with the individual organisation and must remain strictly confidential between myself and the organisation concerned, including any sub-groups of that organisation. It is a condition of booking that my fee is not discussed with any member of any other organisation other than that making the booking in question. 

Fees do not include travel costs by public transport to and from the venue, or for accommodation and subsistence where an overnight stay (or longer) is required.

All fees to be paid to the lecturer on completion of the lecture, unless otherwise arranged, in which case an invoice will be submitted. Payment terms are strictly 15 days.

All bookings must be confirmed in writing by the client (you) as soon as possible after the booking is made. Until this is received, the booking is “unconfirmed”.

Confirmation letters MUST include:

  • Date of lecture
  • Title of lecture
  • Start time of lecture and duration (also timings of any refreshment breaks)
  • Fee (and whether this includes travelling costs or not)
  • Full address of venue 
  • Equipment to be supplied by client/lecturer
  • A contact mobile telephone number (or number for the venue) in case of emergency or transport difficulties 
  • Directions/map of the area would be much appreciated.

Should the client (that’s you) cancel the booking at any time and for any reason, a cancellation fee is payable on the following scale:

More than one month’s notice – 10%
One months’ notice or less – 20%
Three weeks’ notice or less – 30%
Two weeks’ notice or less – 50%
One week’s notice or less – 100%

Please remember that, if I have your booking and you then cancel it at a late stage, I may have turned down other offers to speak on the same day. Your cancellation means that I therefore have lost out doubly.

Should the lecturer (me) be forced to cancel the booking due to unforeseen circumstances, then no fee will be due. As much notice as possible will of course be given.

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